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 You’ll have to see it for yourself: No electricity, no water, no brushing teeth, no shower, no flushing toilet for 2 days. After a mechanic had worked on it for a day, there was great joy – there was water! But only for one day…”

This experience of Josefine Freibeuter (in her privileged accommodation in the seminary of Bukkalasa), founder of Menschenbrücke e.V., was only one of the minor problems she encountered on her first trip to the Masaka region in Uganda in 2008.

She saw

  • children with water canisters on their shoulders and heads who had fetched drinking water for kilometres in the blazing heat.
  • people who lived in dilapidated mud and straw huts and were lucky enough to grow some food on their own piece of land.
  • schools to which the children had to walk many kilometres, no matter if it was hot or rainy – but only if the school fees were paid
  • medical help available to those who could afford it only
  • women and girls giving birth to their children alone in the bush at great risk.

These and many more impressions were the motivation for Josefine Freibeuter to found Menschenbrücke e.V. and thus make sustainable support for these people possible.

The association sees itself as a supporter and helper for self-help, as, in the long run, only education and medical care can be the keys to the future of the people there.

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