133 Members
46.803,07 € proceeds from membership fees, donations, events


  • Plans for new houses for single parents with seven and more children
  • Help for the School for the Blinds and Deaf in the Bwanda Monastery
  • Helping people to help themselves (cow and pigs)
  • Solar collector for seminary in Bukalasa
  • Laptop computers for Aloysius School
  • New clothes for two children on the occasion of their confirmation.

Rheinkreis Neuss

  • Lenten soup supper
  • Encounter Festival Get-Together on the occasion of the visit of Pastor Musoke Genza, Head Teacher Grace Nalwadda and the orphans Maria and Ritah; performances by “Gospel Together” and “The Classic Saxophones” under the direction of Peter Altendorff.
  • Solibrot (“Bread  of Solidarity”) sold on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Event in Neuss-Schlicherum
  • St. Andreas Market