Inge Martin

I am convinced of Menschenbrücke because I know that the money goes exactly where it is urgently needed and what I donate for!

Gitta Klinkhammer

Founding member

We are one world….

I live, we live in a rich world. We always have more than enough. We are responsible to care for everyone and to make education and a future possible even in materially poor countries.

In “Menschenbrücke” I pass on something that was “given” to me; that makes me happy.

The Menschenbrücke association – supported by members of the (church) community around Norf and the south of Neuss – makes all this possible in an exemplary way with all those responsible here and in Masaka/Uganda.

And I am very happy to support this!

Peter Hanß

I am Peter Hanß and I am a founding member and co-organizer in the establishment of the association.
My motivation started when I met pastor Musoke Genza in 2008 and he told me about his living conditions and also when he told me about his family and his fellow men in Uganda. Then I had the idea to help them. Compared to us, the people in Uganda live rather in poverty. In order to be able to make it also public I wanted the association. The first 4 years I was also active in the board. Since I now live in Schleswig-Holstein, I can no longer contribute live in Norf, but I will remain in the association and continue to donate – and also do some advertising for the association and donations here. My current donation is the monthly school fees for Jessica, so that she can go to school. And I will continue to donate as well. I am also still in contact with Musoke and we write each other often and I hope to see him again. The invitations from Musoke to fly to Uganda I can not realize because of my illness.

Birgit Küttner

Founding member

I have never had to experience real deprivation in my life. Born into a democracy in times of peace, having grown up loved and protected, benefiting from the rights fought for by previous generations of women, I live well and gladly without hardship. I am infinitely grateful for this and hope that with my work at Menschenbrücke e.V. I can make a small contribution to helping other people in this world, who have not been so fortunate, to live a little better.