• On June 23, 2022, we received from Rev. Musoke Genza the latest pictures about the construction of the men’s hospital, meanwhile the roof truss is set.
  • Henry Bugembe has made it. He received his diploma as a high school teacher on May 25, 2022. Congratulations!

Rheinkreis Neuss

  • Laughter for the Menschenbrücke Under the title “The rain is getting warmer” the recording studio Keksfaktor presented on Friday, 03.06.22 at 19:30 in the parish hall of the Catholic Church in Norf (Norfer Kirchstr. 45) in favor of the association Menschenbrücke e.V. an Irish musical evening. All proceeds were donated to the association, which uses them to promote development aid in the Masaka region of Uganda. The performance was a great success. Many thanks to Tatjana and Michael Auster for their generous support and the enjoyable evening.
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