Agnes House: The Board of Directors decided to create a new dwelling for single parent Agnes and her 4 children. With the help of your donations, the construction of the house has now almost been completed. The house now has a bedroom for Agnes and one room each for the girls and one for the boys, a separate toilet and bathroom and its own water tank (3 pictures in the top row).

Men’s Hospital: The construction of the hospital also continues to progress, on July 30, 2022 we received pictures from Rev. Musoke Genza and he wrote to us as follows:

Warm greetings from the men’s hospital in Ssunga! The building is now getting a roof (third phase of construction). Sister Bernadette, who is in charge of the clinic, sends dear greetings and a thank you.The(second) phase was completed in April (2022)The budget was not enough. The budget has not been enough.Apart from the fact that the size and the requirements of the building have increased, the euro exchange rate has also decreased. When we budgeted (2021), it was 4,000 shillings. Today it is at 3,700,- shillings!Secondly, with the war in Ukraine and high fuel / transportation costs, there is a lot of inflation in Uganda.These problems imply that the money we had budgeted for the station will not be enough to complete it. Currently we still have money to continue the construction. So now we are doing the roofing (third phase), since May.We are really grateful to you / Menschenbruecke for the support. With the men’s clinic comes more health for our people in Ssunga-Luvule! Best regards, and God’s blessing.

Now, in July 2023, the hospital is still not completely finished, but it is already very far advanced – however, there is still an amount of almost € 3.000,00 missing, in order to be able to equip also the bathrooms and toilets with tiles (3 pictures in the lower row).

Rheinkreis Neuss

St. Andrew’s market
The Andreasmarkt 2023 was a great success for Menschenbrücke e.V. – we were able to generate net proceeds of almost 4,000 euros.
A big thank you goes to everyone who baked, crafted, set up, dismantled and sold diligently in the huts on both days and, of course, to all donors!

These proceeds and the generous donation of 2,260 euros from the Burg pharmacy made it possible for us to transfer a large part of the money needed for the interior of the men’s hospital to Uganda.

The Board of Directors and our friends in Uganda wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year, which will hopefully bring some peace to the world!

God’s blessing to you all!

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