• The construction of the hospital continues to progress, on July 30, 2022 we received the latest pictures from Rev. Musoke Genza and he writes to us as follows: Warm greetings from the men’s hospital in Ssunga! The building is now getting a roof (third phase of construction). Sister Bernadette, who is in charge of the clinic, sends dear greetings and a thank you.The (second) phase was completed in April (2022). The budget was not enough.Apart from the fact that the size and the requirements of the building have increased, the euro exchange rate has also decreased. When we budgeted (2021), it was 4,000 shillings. Today it is at 3,700.- shillings!Secondly, with the war in Ukraine and high fuel / transportation costs, there is a lot of inflation in Uganda.These problems imply that the money we had budgeted for the station will not be enough to complete it. Currently, we still have money to continue the construction. So now we are doing the roofing (third phase), since May.We are really grateful to you / Menschenbruecke for the support. With the men’s clinic comes more health for our people in Ssunga-Luvule!Warmest greetings, and God’s blessing

Rheinkreis Neuss

  • After the Corona Pandemic, the Menschenbrücke e.V. association is pleased to take part in the convivial hustle and bustle at the St. Andreas Market. With the new sponsoring association “Freunde und Förderer der Katholischen Kirchengemeinde St. Andreas Norf” as organiser, we will start on Saturday, 26.11.2022 at 17.00 with a festive opening service for the patron saint, the market will then be open until 21.00 and on Sunday, 27.11. 2022 from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. You can look forward to: atmospheric Advent songs with Sara van Hellemond, festive sounds from Frohsinn Norf, a guided tour of the church, handicrafts in the St. Andreas kindergarten, paper theatre in the library, a visit from St. Nicholas on Sunday, white and red mulled wine, non-alcoholic drinks,Onion meat in a roll, potato pancakes and bratwurst, pea soup, kale and waffles, popcorn and chocolate Father Christmases, jam, biscuits and eggnog, Advent and flower arrangements, handmade gifts, fine, creative and intricate woodwork, homemade woolen items, socks and hats, “One World” offers and – sustainably – clothes in good condition from our clothing shop.On Sunday, the Christmas decorated cafeteria opens at 2.00 pm in the parish hall with a selection of home-baked cakes – lovingly prepared and provided for you.
  • In the St Michael’s Kindergarten, Solibrot was diligently baked and sold. The proceeds of € 113.64 were donated to Menschenbrücke e.V.. Many thanks for this great action!
  • Norfer donate “Taler” The Burg Apotheke Norf (Pharmacy in Norf) has again distributed the donated Taler. About the money the “Initiative Schmetterling” and Menschenbrücke e.V. are pleased. Both received a donation in the amount of 2.470 €. “This is the merit of our customers,” says a delighted pharmacist Annette Berndsen. Thanks to the generous Norfer, the fundraising campaign was once again a complete success. Many thanks!
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