Agnes House: The Board of Directors decided to create a new dwelling for single parent Agnes and her 4 children. With the help of your donations, the construction of the house has now almost been completed. The house now has a bedroom for Agnes and one room each for the girls and one for the boys, a separate toilet and bathroom and its own water tank (3 pictures in the top row).

Men’s Hospital: The construction of the hospital also continues to progress, on July 30, 2022 we received pictures from Rev. Musoke Genza and he wrote to us as follows:

Warm greetings from the men’s hospital in Ssunga! The building is now getting a roof (third phase of construction). Sister Bernadette, who is in charge of the clinic, sends dear greetings and a thank you.The(second) phase was completed in April (2022)The budget was not enough. The budget has not been enough.Apart from the fact that the size and the requirements of the building have increased, the euro exchange rate has also decreased. When we budgeted (2021), it was 4,000 shillings. Today it is at 3,700,- shillings!Secondly, with the war in Ukraine and high fuel / transportation costs, there is a lot of inflation in Uganda.These problems imply that the money we had budgeted for the station will not be enough to complete it. Currently we still have money to continue the construction. So now we are doing the roofing (third phase), since May.We are really grateful to you / Menschenbruecke for the support. With the men’s clinic comes more health for our people in Ssunga-Luvule! Best regards, and God’s blessing.

Now, in July 2023, the hospital is still not completely finished, but it is already very far advanced – however, there is still an amount of almost € 3.000,00 missing, in order to be able to equip also the bathrooms and toilets with tiles (3 pictures in the lower row).

Rheinkreis Neuss

Extraordinary general meeting

The board is complete again!

At the extraordinary general meeting on 08.10.2023 it was possible to elect again a complete board for Menschenbrücke e.V..
The general meeting had become necessary because the previous treasurer, Mrs. Gisela Bonke, wanted to leave her office on 30.09.2023. This would have left only the secretary, Mrs. Karin Breuer, as the only member of the board and the association would have been incapable of acting.
The position for the chair was already vacant in the board since February 2022, but the business could be continued by the two remaining board members.
When now the “end” for the association threatened, the long-time, active member, Mrs. Friederike Kenneke, decided to prevent this by her candidacy as chairwoman. Friederike Kenneke’s parents, Thea and Klaus Verleger, were founding members of the association and have unfortunately passed away in the meantime. Friederike Kenneke said that not only was the work of Menschenbrücke e.V. in Uganda very close to her heart, but that – figuratively speaking – she would no longer have been able to look her parents in the eye if Menschenbrücke e.V. had had to stop its work.So at this point a very big thank you to Friederike Kenneke for her willingness to take on this honorary position. And to her parents…
Equally great thanks are due to the new treasurer, Mr. Udo Hentschel, who has also been a member of the association for several years and has always been a reliable contact person. He will take over the not so easy post of the cash management and has declared his readiness to familiarize himself with the depths of the association’s bookkeeping.
But also Mrs. Gisela Bonke, the previous treasurer and her husband, Rainer Saborowski, who had taken over the bookkeeping as a tax consultant, are to be thanked here cordially for their many years of great work and help.
Friederike Kenneke has already mentioned in her speech at the “inauguration” that she comes with some new ideas in her luggage and has appealed to the help and support of all members – she is open to all suggestions and would like to see committees and working groups formed to take the lead in organizing and carrying out fixed events (e.g. Lenten soup supper, St. Andrew’s Market, etc.).
Especially the founder of Menschenbrücke e.V., Mrs. Josefine Freibeuter, will be”haunted” by her in order to be able to profit from her knowledge and experience as much as possible for the new task.

At this point, however, very special thanks are due to the secretary Karin Breuer. Since March 2011, she has been a reliable and ever-present figure on whom the association can rely. She has overcome all the ups and downs that the association has faced due to various changes in the board with calm and continuous commitment. Dear Karin, without you Menschenbrücke e.V. would not be where it is today – thank you, thank you, thank you!
Menschenbrücke e.V. will now hopefully look forward to the next events in peace, but with a lot of energy. For this, the new board was wished good luck by the members present and promised plenty of support.

Birgit Küttner, founding member

  • Lanterns exhibition
    On 03.11.2023 from 16:30, the annual lanterns exhibition will take place at the St. Andreas School in Norf. There, in the classrooms, the lanterns made by the children can be admired in a very special atmosphere and environment.
    Visitors will be treated to many delicacies and here and there you can purchase small items made by the children.
    This year, the proceeds from the sales will go to a circus project that is to be carried out at the school.
    Menschenberücke e.V. has been invited there for many years to sell its yeast cakes – we will also be represented there this year and may use our sales proceeds for Menschenbrücke’s projects.
    We cordially invite you all to visit this special event and to support Menschenbrücke’s projects by eating the delicious yeast cakes – and to make the circus project possible for the children of St. Andreas School with everything else.
  • Unfortunately, Menschenbrücke e.V.’s participation in the torchlight exhibition had to be canceled at short notice because some of the participants fell ill. We hope it was a nice experience despite everything, even if you may have missed the yeast cakes…
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